03 FLAWLESS BRUSH-1000×1000
03 FLAWLESS BRUSH-1000×1000

03 Flawless Brush

Suitable for all powder formulas, the short, tightly packed bristles of the Flawless Brush effortlessly deliver just the right amount of formula for a polished flawless finish. It is ergonomically designed for the best control and is made of ultra-soft high quality synthetic fibers.

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The Flawless Brush effortlessly delivers just the right amount of powder formula for a polished flawless finish.

Nude by Nature makeup brushes are made of high quality synthetic fibres, they perform just as well as natural hair.

  1. Pour out a small amount of soft shampoo into a shallow bowl.
  2. Soak the tip of the brush and gently swirl, being careful not to wet the base of the brush.
  3. Rinse the brush under warm running water pointing downwards. Repeat steps two and three until water runs clear from the brush.
  4. Use a cloth to wipe the brush clean, reshaping bristles as needed.
  5. Lay the brush flat on a cloth until completely dry.

Beauty That’s Good For You

The Nude by Nature range is filled with some of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Nude by Nature is more than just cosmetic, it’s good for you.