Aubrey Daquinag is an Australian travel photographer, creative and author.

Aubrey Daquinag - The Love Assembly

We met with Aubrey to chat about what’s been happening this year, how she started her blog The Love Assembly, a few of her fave beauty tips and travel destinations, plus about her recently released book.

If you scroll through Aubrey’s blog The Love Assembly or Instagram feed, you’ll be filled with wanderlust in no time at all! The Love Assembly is centred around travel, beauty and lifestyle stories each featuring Aubrey’s beautifully shot imagery. Her chief motivation is in Aubrey’s words to, “inspire and motivate young women to live a more creative and curious life.” 

Nude by Nature (NBN): You created The Love Assembly a few years ago now, starting as a blog, and you’ve since gained a great social media following. How did you start out; with blogging and writing?

Aubrey: I took my love for photography and creativity to start The Love Assembly, to feature individuals and friends in the industry that were pursuing something that they loved as a career, hence the name. What began as an escape from the 9-5 working world in marketing and communications in late 2012, was the beginning of an ever-evolving journey into building a community and creative space where like-minded people were able to connect, engage and be inspired.

It evolved into travel and as a photographer I landed The Love Assembly’s first sponsored trip with Countrylink Australia (just one month after launching), eventually partnered with Condé Nast Traveler in New York in 2014 as the first contributing Australian travel and style blogger, have showcased my travel vlogs across public screens to millions of viewers in the Philippines and have since been collaborating with global brands from International Tourism Boards and Airlines to Beauty, Finance and Tech. I loved what I was doing so I just never really stopped doing that and it has organically grown to what it is today.

Aubrey Daquinag - The Love Assembly

NBN: You travel you have any top secret places you suggest visiting?

Aubrey: I definitely think you need to visit Palawan Island in the Philippines for an island escape. It has been quickly receiving so much attention with top travel publications I have read and written for, however it is still very underrated compared to its nearby South East Asian destinations. Cheap too! Your money will definitely go a long way. Tulum in Mexico also requires a visit for an ultimate bohemian chic holiday, and Morocco for a completely different world - filled with so much history, culture and patterns.

NBN: And for yourself, what’s on your own travel bucket-list?

Aubrey: Turkey is top on my travel bucket list. The otherworldly photographs I‘ve seen of hot air ballooning in Cappadocia just look like something out of a dream. Plus, I’d be like a kid in a candy store shopping through the markets there.

Aubrey Daquinag - The Love Assembly

NBN: Do you have any tips when it comes to beauty products to pack when travelling?

Aubrey: I always think less is more and a product that has versatility always makes my travel beauty kit. Make sure your eyebrows and eyelashes are groomed and keep it simple with your base (always wear sunscreen!). I don’t bother with open brushes because I feel like it just gets dirty, but a compact travel brush with lid is perfect. Sculpt and highlight for a natural glow, and always pack a bright lip - a bold red is my top pick - for when you need to spruce yourself up for a night out. 

NBN: Do you have a favourite Nude by Nature product?

Aubrey: I love the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick! Really easy to apply on the go, and they give you that extra little bit of glow that still looks natural.

Aubrey Daquinag - The Love Assembly

NBN: What are a couple of your top beauty hacks?

Aubrey: I like a look that’s effortless and natural, and truly believe less is more. Because I travel a lot for work (and leisure too), I’ve limited my beauty kit to pieces that have versatility, such as a cheek tint that doubles as a lippy.

Aubrey Daquinag - The Love Assembly

NBN: In April this year you released a book called ‘Wander Love: Lessons, Tips and Inspiration from a Solo Traveller’. Can you tell us about the book, and what it’s all about?

Aubrey: WANDER LOVE takes my world of travel, photography, brand projects and life lessons around the world, and presents it in a colourful and inspiring coffee table book. It gives you an insight into the wanderful world of The Love Assembly that I’ve created from scratch for myself and answers questions that everyone is always curious about. It features my travel photography and wander love guides to six destinations that my heart has wandered to, with yours waiting to do the same.

There are fun tips on how to stay stylish while on the road, how to upgrade your travel photography skills when you’re travelling solo (or find that perfect insta-hubby while you’re on the road!), and how to barter like a boss when you’re treasure hunting at markets around the world.

Then it eventually gets deeper as you reach the later chapters where I share personal travel stories and life lessons I’ve learnt, helpful travel advice for solo female travellers, and I take a look deeper into the essence of travelling creatively, curiously and mindfully. Wander Love is the perfect mix of style, substance and travel adventures to inspire your own. 

NBN: What are a couple of your top tips for solo travellers?


  1. Your comfort zone is a safe place. But growth never happens in there.
  2. Feel the fear. Do it anyway.
  3. All we have is now. Be present and embrace the moment.

Aubrey Daquinag - The Love Assembly

NBN: When you’re chilling out, what’s your favourite social media platform to scroll through?

Aubrey: I’m very visual so Instagram and Pinterest are my absolute faves!

NBN: How about other blogs and social accounts or influencers that you follow and love?

Aubrey: My ultimate favourite is French photographer, illustrator, author and blogger Garance Dore. She’s just real, funny and super chic. She also has the same birthday as me!

NBN: We love her too! Thank you so much. 

All images courtesy of Aubrey Daquinag.  




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