Kiss Goodbye To Toxic Lipstick

It’s been said that people ingest kilos of lipstick over their lifetime. It’s kind of crazy to consider, however that means lots of unnecessary chemicals going into our bodies courtesy of our favourite lipstick. Today’s society in general is more conscious than ever about our health, lifestyle and environmental choices. Make-up is something that we should all become more aware about.

Many brands use unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients and preservatives, which can cause irritations and put your skin at risk. In addition, testing on animals still occurs, and it doesn’t have to.

Did you know that a lot of lipsticks still use dead bugs as a colourant? Yes, you read correctly. Carmine is a red pigment derived from insects (beetles that live as parasites on cactus plants), and is commonly used as a colourant in cosmetics, such as lipstick. Carmine is considered controversial due to its animal origin, and its association with possible allergic reactions. What to look out for on the label? Carmine is also commonly called CI 75470 and natural red 4 (or E120 when it’s in food and beverages).

Our 100% Natural Lip Collection is free from carmine, petroleum waxes, silicones, coal tar dyes, or any synthetics.

Like all Nude by Nature make-up products the lip collection is enriched with good for you, 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty-free. Our lip collection includes natural ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Shea Butter, Desert Lime and Tangerine Oil.

It’s all about a 100% natural smile, and that’s something we all love.

The 100% Natural Lip Collection

We have a collection of lip products; from lip primer to lipstick. Each is formulated with active natural ingredients, carefully selected to deliver exceptional results. The collection encompasses shades inspired by the spectrum of the Australian landscape, from the arid deserts and wild bushland all the way to the sun kissed beaches. Moisture rich colour to smooth, enhance and define.

100% Natural Lip Collection

Discover more about each product in the below:

Perfecting Lip Primer

Perfecting Lip Primer: The lip primer is all about promoting longer wear, minimising feathering and providing a smooth base for your lip colour. The untinted formula is composed of 100% natural ingredients including replenishing Shea Butter and the native Australian Kakadu Plum. 

Defining Lip Pencil

Defining Lip Pencil: The highly pigmented Defining Lip Pencil provides smooth colour coverage to contour and define the lips. The long-lasting formula includes native Australian Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. We suggest either wearing it alone or as a base for lip colour to add definition and promote longer wear. The Defining Lip Pencil is available in six shades.

Moisture Shine Lipstick

Moisture Shine Lipstick: Formulated with the lip nourishing Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and active natural ingredients Vitamin E and Kakadu Plum, the colour-rich Moisture Shine Lipstick provides a gorgeous sweep of colour and luminous shine finish. The smooth, non-drying formula delivers a moisturising feel to the lips and is available in 10 shades. 

Creamy Matte Lipstick

Creamy Matte Lipstick: In days gone by matte lipsticks could be drying on the lips, however the Creamy Matte Lipstick has a velvet smooth texture with full colour coverage and comfortable wear. It's enriched with natural ingredients including conditioning Mango Seed Butter and moisturising Vitamin E and colour effortlessly applies with one sweep. Available in 10 shades. 

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss: The non-sticky texture of the Moisture Infusion Lipgloss smooths and enhances lips delivering a beautiful, vibrant, glossy colour. It’s available in 10 shades, comes with an easy to use applicator and is formulated with unique moisturising microspheres to help repair and plump the lips for a naturally voluminous look.

Sheer Glow Colour BalmSheer Glow Colour Balm

Sheer Glow Colour Balm: Who doesn't like a tinted balm? The Sheer Glow Colour Balm is available in four shades (01 Coral, 02 Nude, 03 Pink, 04 Berry) and enhances the lips with a subtle hint of colour and natural shine. It's ideal to have in your bag for on the go use. 

Now, it’s time for the tough decision...which 100% natural lip product and shade will you choose first?




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